About Us


'Have Fun Whilst Learning The Skills'

What We Offer

Soccer Strikers aims to offer children aged 2-11 years the opportunity to learn and play football in a fun and relaxed environment, welcoming all abilities to sessions filled with exciting games designed to draw out the budding footballers of tomorrow!


Our Courses

Ages 2-6

The classes for this age group use different themes and stories each week, making football fun and enjoyable for toddlers to play. Whilst they are racing around in their motor cars, visiting the zoo or taking a trip to the jungle they are actually all the while improving their agility, balance and hand-eye co-ordination in conjunction with practising all of the main football skills. The sessions are designed for the children to not only learn how to play football, but to have fun exploring their imagination in a relaxed environment whilst making lots of new friends.


Ages 6 +

These classes are again designed to be fun and enjoyable, however with a more realistic football based content than the younger age groups. The sessions aim to encourage all children to become proficient with a ball at their feet, to work as a team and help in each other's development. These sessions are popular not only for their ability to create a fun and disciplined learning environment for the children, but also for their ethos of football "only being a game". This helps to create an environment where the children can feel relaxed, without the pressure of winning or losing. Win or lose, the children are encouraged that having fun, as well as improving themselves as footballers, is the key.


Our Staff

All staff at Soccer Strikers are fully qualified and receive on-going training for all age groups. Staff members are also Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked.



Soccer Strikers was founded by Glenn Brailey, who discovered on a trip back to Basingstoke from University that there were no football sessions running at the Basingstoke Sports Centre. A keen footballer and qualified coach, Glenn started Soccer Strikers' first session at the Sports Centre on a Saturday morning for children aged 6-11 with just three participants. The numbers in that session soon began to grow, with another session starting up soon after due to the overwhelming demand and popularity of the brand of football being played. Soccer Strikers then expanded into the area of toddler football, with coaching sessions for children aged 2-6.